21 Of The Best Places To Eat In Barcelona In 2015​

There's no shortage of amazing places to eat in this Spanish culture hub


A city that lives by the sea is going to host excellent fish but Barcelona also grows its own wine near by and the Catalans love Cava as well as plenty of local Catalan wines. A simple trip to the markets will show you how passionate these food lovers are, with displays that pull you in and tasters that ensure you buy. In Barcelona you plan 3 meals ahead. But be warned dinner is a late affair with most locals chowing down between 9-10 pm.

Low fare flights make this city attainable and its a city break with a beach just in case you need a break from the streets. Barcelona has it all tapas, fiduea or paella, great grilled meats and fish. El Bulli (at a time the world's best restaurant) now a cullinary academy is up the coast but has inspired many chefs in the city to create new dishes with flavours of old.

Els Pescadors

A bit of a journey out of the city but worth it as this restaurant is one of the best fish restaurants around. These guys treat prawns and calamari in a way that makes you wonder why you don't eat them every day. The outdoor terrace is shaded by a large tree. Open every day, follow your meal with a walk on the coast.



If you want a modern fusion of Mediterranean and Catalan then Balthazar won't let you down. It can easily accommodate large groups too and offers good value in a modern setting.



This is how to blow a budget and have an gastronomic experience. Also a hotel with the same name the restaurant holds two Michelin stars. Be prepared to be waited on hand and foot and surrounded by crisp white linens. The prix fixe sampler menu is the best way to experience this culinary experience. Be prepared for about €200 a head.



A one Star Michelin star establishment again set within a hotel. A la carte is available but really the best way to experience Chef Xavier Franco's work is to take a taster menu. If you can reserve the chef's table it is recommended as the skill of these cooks is incredible.



Based in the Boqueria Mercat, this is one of a few great spots in there to eat. Don't plan dinner though as they only open 6am to 4pm. The owner is a mini celebrity who has written a few cook books. Be prepared to have some of the greatest clams and mussels of your life.



Based in a shopping centre but a menu that serves up the best oysters and cava an affordable treat. Highly rated by all for service and great fish.


Cal Pep

Modern day style of tapas, well more of a sharing dish with friends than individual tapas pieces to pick from. You are going to find this place packed with locals which is always a good sign.



Another tapas bar that is pushing the creativity boundaries and resetting the standard. Some dishes come with a whole theatre on a plate. If the salted tuna "Jambon" is on the menu don't hesitate! Queues likely but worth it.



Beach bar restaurant, just at the start of the city beach. This isn't the chicest place in town but offers sea views and tasty food to all. They have an all your can drink wine offer to, that doesn't take into account those who want to get hammered!


Tapas 24

This spot is so good they set up franchises in Canada. Carles Abellan, runs this basement tapas haven known for its gourmet versions of the toasted ham and cheese sandwich where the ham is cured and the truffle is the chef difference! The McFoie burger is also here watch out for the McD's lawyers in the queue.


Quimet y Quimet

Quimet y Quimet is a genuine spot that has been already run by Quimets family since 1900s. It offers delicious tapas, good wines and good humour . With only two tables and a bar, this tiny old wine cellar is always rammed. Specialities include home canned products that create intense flavours.

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Cervecería Catalana

Beer hall that serves tapas of all sorts. Loads of choice of both. Great beers available. 'Nuff said.



Leku is undoubtedly one of the best kept culinary gems of the quiet district of Les Corts, near Nou Camp. The suckling pig and oxtail croquettes are out of this world.


Ca L'Estevet

A traditional restaurant setting that various its menu based on whats in season. You will find plenty of old favourites on the menu here that may have disappeared from more modern fare like lamb's brains.


Casa Castro

With a simple unpretentious décor, Casa Castro is a restaurant located in Nou Barris that surprises with a top quality offer based on fresh fish and shellfish.

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El Bisaura

Based in Les Corts market, this stall specialising in seafood where you can eat grilled fish, prawns and crayfish. Calamari probably the best in the city. In fact it is reason to go there alone.


Cera 23

Located in El Raval, Cera 23 is the project of three young Galicians who have created a welcoming space full of good vibes that consists of a bar and a dining area. Dishes to try are beef cheeks, black rice volcano with seafood, Galician octopus with potatoes and diced tuna with sesame and mashed sweet potato with cinnamon.

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Le Coq & The Burg

Sometimes tapas and seafood won't cut the mustard. If you want a burger then this is the place to hit up and give one of their legendary burger or egg creations or even better burger with egg!


19. La Cova Fumbada

Home of the potato bomb this family-run bodega is hugely popular with local workers. Said to be the birthplace of the famous spicy potato bomba. The menu will have superb grilled fish and a range of tapas every day.


7 Portes

Trading for hundreds of years and still around is a good sign. If like many you like restaurant that the stars frequent and want the chance to see a top celebrity then this is the spot. It is particularly famous for its paella.

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La Boqueria

You can't mention places to eat in Barcelona and leave out the Boqueria market. This is a food lovers paradise with many stands selling cooked foods and meals. It is one of the worlds best markets.

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