10 Best Places To Grab A Coffee And Work In Dublin With Free Wi-Fi

Working remotely? We've got you covered!


Many of us choose to work remotely these days with ties to the physical office not as important as they once were. You might need to check your emails between meetings, tie up a few loose ends online at the end of a day or simple want a change of scenery but finding the perfect spot for a bit of surfing can be tricky. We've been looking for a good free dublin Wi-Fi list for some time and after not finding any we decided to research it a little more and create our own one. There are a few vitally important things when looking for a place with free Wi-Fi to work which are:

  • A good strong free Wi-Fi connection
  • Plugs to charge laptops or phones
  • Good coffee

All of the venues selected below tick all the boxes and are spread out around the city to give you an option for all situations. Make sure to enhance the list with some suggestions of your own in the comments. We'll try and keep this list updated and add to it so don't be shy to add new ones you find!

The Central Hotel / Exchequer

This is a bit of a hidden gem and the Wi-Fi here stretches across a few different areas. You can enjoy it throughout the Central Hotel but the quiet old school nature of the Library Bar is the place to go if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle outside. You can also pop in to the trendy Exchequer next door for trendy cocktails, coffee or epic food.


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This is one of those sorts of places that you walk past a million times without ever realizing what is inside. They have super Wi-Fi and some of the biggest most comfortable seats you will ever come across and you can find yourself getting loads of work done in here.


Third Space

A hip spot that is always busy down in Smithfield Square. Lots of space and tables at a nice working height with the odd plug dotted around if you are lucky. You can stay here for long periods of time and with some great salads and lunch offers it makes the perfect spot for getting a large volume of work done.

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Roasted Brown

If you are hanging out in the tourist Mecca that is Temple Bar then this is the place to get away from it all and grab your laptop. The coffee is really excellent and if you have too many of them and start getting the shakes you can always start on their selection of delicious juices.



In terms of trendy spost that fit in with the tech culture of local internet giants like Google and Facebook this is the perfect spot. The industrial design and award winning coffee will keep you coming back here time and again. Coffee is very subjective but I'd say this is the best in Dublin.

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Probably quite controversial addition to the list given that they are a large global brand and their coffee is pretty shite but in terms of offering up free Wi-Fi there is no better organisation in the world. Always seems to work, is always fast and can be relied on when ducking in between meetings.


37 Dawson Street

The key here is making sure you secure the lovely little seats in the window because there is no better place to work during the week, have a couple of coffees and watch the world go by. There are plenty of other seats but in terms of people watching you need to be here early to grab prime position.



This is the one that will always tick absolutely every single box for you every single time. They have a huge amount of plugs, great tables to sit at and have meetings and it is never that packed during the day. They also never hassle you so staying here for hours at a time is not a problem.


Bank Of Ireland Grand Canal Square

Something completely different here coming from the most hated of Irish institutions... a bank. BOI are trying to give something back with their slick hub in Grand Canal Square with comfy seating and free Wi-Fi. You'll have to grab your own coffee from any outlet close-by and be comfortable with swapping your personal details for free Wi-Fi but you might as well get something free from the bank without breaking the bank!


The Fumbally Cafe

If you're in the market for some incredible tasty salads, 3FE coffee, free Wi-Fi, like being surrounded by creatives and possibly have your dog in tow then The Fumbally Cafe is your spot. Get in early to guarantee yourself a spot as it's always packed (which is a great sign).


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