​Here Are The 10 Cities With The Highest Quality Of Life In The World

New York City, London, and Dublin didn't even make the top 30


Nursing hopes of one day living in a faraway city? If so, we'd think you'd probably want your new home to have a pretty high standard of life, and you won't find higher than these 10 cities.

Carried out by consulting firm Mercer, 230 cities around the world were surveyed in order to rank them in order of quality of life.


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The 2016 Quality Of Life Rankings found that popular global tourism centres like New York City, London, Tokyo and Dublin didn't even make the top 30.

Take a look below to see the 10 cities with the highest quality of life in the world.

10. Sydney, Australia


9. Copenhagen, Denmark


8. Geneva, Switzerland


7. Frankfurt, Germany


Pic: Andy Gocher/Flickr

6. Dusseldorf, Germany


Pic: K W/Flickr

5. Vancouver, Canada


4. Munich, Germany


3. Auckland, New Zealand


Pic: Nils Reucker/Flickr

2. Zurich, Switzerland


1. Vienna, Austria


The bottom 10 cities on the list are: Conakry, Guinea (221); Kinshasa, DR Congo (222); Brazzaville, Congo (223); Damascus, Syria (224); N'Djamena, Chad (225); Khartoum, Sudan (226); Port-au-Prince, Haiti (227); Sana'a, Yemen (228), Bangui, Central African Republic (229); Baghdad, Iraq (230). 

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