PIC: Liam Neeson Gave An Irish-Owned New York Pub The Perfect Prop From One Of His Movies

"Well the coolest thing happened last night..."

Liam Main

Liam Neeson is relentless in his pursuit of being an all round sound guy. Last night he struck again.

The Ballymena actor popped into Dead Rabbit yesterday, an Irish-owned pub on Water Street in New York City, and he came bearing gifts.

Since the spot captures the essence of "Old New York and the Irish-American tradition", the star thought he'd give them a prop from his movie Gangs Of New York that's in-keeping with that theme.

Neeson gifted the bar with the Celtic cross/weapon that his gangster character Priest Vallon used in his fight against Daniel Day Lewis' Bill the Butcher.

What was the name of Priest Vallon's gang, you ask? The Dead Rabbits.

Oh, Liam.

He's not that sound, however, as he still hasn't adopted us yet.

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