Here Are The 10 Safest (And Least Safe) Countries To Visit In 2016

Plan your holidays accordingly


The Global Peace Index has once again ranked the nations of the world in order of their safety, which may be important information if you're planning a trip aboard in the near future.

The index takes numerous factors into account when establishing the safety ranking of a country, such as the size of the police force, political instability in the region, and the presence of nuclear weapons.

Perhaps surprisingly, Ireland didn't make the top 10 for 2016, coming in 12th place.

The ten least safe countries on this year's list were: Libya (154th place), Sudan (155th), Ukraine (156th), Central African Republic (157th), Yemen (158th), Somalia (159th), Afghanistan (160th), Iraq (161st), South Sudan (162nd) and Syria (163rd).

Here are the top 10 safest countries in the world right now. 

10. Slovenia


9. Japan


8. Canada


7. Switzerland


6. Czech Republic


5. Portugal


4. New Zealand


3. Australia

Sydney Australia

2. Denmark


1. Iceland


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