Here Are The Best Carvery Dinners In Ireland

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Carvery Dinner

Is there anything more comforting and delicious than a carvery dinner?

The answer? No. 

You start by eating your weight in meat, potatoes, gravy and various other accoutrements and then you slowly proceed to slip into a blissful food coma. 

Most people think carveries are reserved for Sundays, when, in fact, you can devour a carvery any day of the week. 

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And the best of the best carveries in Ireland have been revealed. 

The overall winners of Great Carvery of the Year 2016, run by Unilever, are:

Great Hotel Carvery of the Year: The Heights Hotel, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Great Pub Carvery of the Year: The Elm Tree, Glounthuane, Co. Cork

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The provincial runners up under the pubs category include:


  • The Merry Monk, Mayo


  • The Elm Tree Glounthuane, Cork


  • Beaumont House, Dublin


  • Martha's Vineyard, Derry

And the hotel carvery runners up are:


  • Hodson Bay Hotel, Roscommon


  • The Heights Hotel, Killarney


  • Whitford House Hotel, Wexford


  • Silver Tassie Hotel, Donegal

Plan your carvery road trip now. 

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