PICS: This McDonald's Has Just Opened And You Probably Wouldn't Even Recognise It

It doesn't sell burgers or fries...

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McDonald's seems to be making some big changes to their restaurants at the moment, and this location in Paris is just the latest example. 

Known as McCafé, you won't find burgers and fries served here, as this new breed of McD's dispenses coffee, sandwiches, and desserts like macaroons, cupcakes, tiramisu, flan, and more.

Gone are the bright red and yellow colours, replaced by more muted tones. This place doesn't even have the Golden Arches!

Have a gawk at it below...

Mc 1
Mc 2
Mc 3
Mc 4
Mc 5
Mc 6
Mc 7
Mc 8

PICS: Bernard Boutboul/Facebook

Taking its name from the brand of coffee served by McDonald's, other McCafés also popped up in urban areas in Canada last year in an attempt to give the fast food giant's customers a more complete café menu.

But what do you make of the new look? Let us know in the comments.


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