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PSA: Buckfast Infused Beer Now Exists Just In Time For Festival Season

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We’ve had Buckfast sausage rolls, Buckfast Easter Eggs, and even a Buckfast Mojito, but the ultimate bucky creation has just been brought into our lives.

Commotion Lotion, the latest beer inspired by the beloved nickname for the lethal tonic wine, is the love-child of YellowBelly Beer and King Kong Company.

And ohhh WOW is it gonna go down a treat for festival season. 

The lads behind this Bucky Beer said that the new brew is so fantastic that: “One bulging eyed brewer had to be dragged out from under a tank, cradling a slab of cans, hissing “preciousssssss” as the things were being loaded into a delivery van.”

Commotion Lotion is a beer built specifically for festivals, in a handy 330ml can, perfect for bringing to gigs, it’s refreshing, packed with fruit, easy to drink and… it has Buckfast in it! 

Sure what more could ya want? We’re gonna be packing our coolers with this for Body&Soul…

You can get it from most craft beer stockists, but drink with caution, eh.

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