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26th Feb 2017

These Are The 13 Best Irish Destination Hotels Near Train Stations


It can be a disappointment to learn that some of Ireland’s nicest hotels can’t be reached except by car.

For those of us who can’t drive, we know there’s no way to get there. For others who are travelling here, it means they would have to rent a car which they may not be willing or able to do.

But luckily not all the great getaways have to be so far from public transport.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of destination hotels no more than 20 minutes walk from trains stations (though it may take slightly longer if you’re dragging a heavy suitcase behind you).

Cork (Kent) Station

The Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel 4
Imperial Hotel 5
Imperial Hotel 2

Montenotte Hotel

Montenotte 2
Montenotte 4
Montenotte 5

The Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador 2
Ambassador 3
Ambassador 4

Galway Station

The G Hotel

G Hotel 4
G Hotel 2
G Hotel 3

Radisson Blu Galway

Radission Blu Galway 2
Radission Blu Galway
Radission Blu Galway 3

The Meyrick

Hotel Meyrick 3
Hotel Meyrick 2
Hotel Meyrick 4

Sligo Station

The Glasshouse Hotel

Glasshouse 1
Glasshouse 2
Glasshouse 3

Limerick (Colbert) Station

The Savoy

The Savoy 2
The Savoy 4
The Savoy 3

The Absolute Hotel

Absolute Hotel 1
Absolute Hotel 2
Absolute Hotel 3

No. 1 Pery Square Townhouse

No 1 Pery 1
No 1 Pery 2
No 1 Pery 3

Kilkenny (MacDonagh) Station

Kilkenny Hibernian

Kilkenny Hibernian 2
Kilkenny Hibernian
Kilkenny Hibernian 3

Westport Station

Westport Plaza Hotel

Westport Plaza 3
Westport Plaza 1
Westport Plaza 2

Hotel Westport

Hotel Westport 2
Hotel Westport
Hotel Westport 3

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