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05th Jun 2017

There’s An Entire Reddit Thread About How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea And It’s Fascinating


Making a nice cup of tea is a vital life skill that any self-respecting Irish person should know how to do.

Turns out though, that we all have fairly different ideas of what constitutes the ‘perfect’ cup of cha, right down to how many times you swirl the teabag.

A recent thread on Reddit asking people how to make the perfect cup of tea is gaining attention with lots of peeps chiming in with how they make it – and jaysus some people do it weird.

I wouldn’t want a few of these making me a brew…

Here’s how some people think it should be made:

  • “Scald the cup ye animals!”

  • “Ideally no teabags – use loose tea. Brew it in a pot, not a cup. Pour milk in first, then top up with your already brewed tea. Use the colour to judge when to stop. If you’re using teabags and a cup, don’t squeeze the bag. Leave it in the cup for a good four or five minutes, don’t rush it, then remove and add milk. Use hot, but not boiling water – about 80ish degrees.”
  • “I put the teabag and the sugar in together while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil and I don’t care what ye think of me.”
  • “Stir twice to the left, twice to the right and it’s fuckin lit!”
  • “Barrys tea bag in a mug for five ish minutes before I start drinking it. Leave the bag in. No milk or sugar.”

There’s a few controversial methods there we think (leave the tea bag in?!) what way do you make yours?

Only Irish people could have a full online thread about making a cuppa…

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