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16th Jun 2017

These Are The Discontinued Foods Irish People Really Really Want Back In Their Lives


We all have that one sweet that tastes just like the glory days of our childhood, and GODDAMMIT we want to taste it again.

There’s nothing as bad as when you go to the shop for your fave biscuits and find out – shock horror – they’ve been feckin discontinued. Gone. Forever gone.

Irish people on Reddit have made a list of their favourite discontinued foods that they’re just aching to get back in their local store.


Here’s what’s missed most: 

Banshee Bones 

“God I miss them”

Banshee Bones

Roy of the Rovers Bar

“A conspiracy by dentists to remove teeth and fillings. But yes, amazing.”

Roy Rovers Bar 35018

Secret chocolate bar

“It was like a walnut whip but without the walnut and in bar form.”


Heinz Potato Salad

“I know it’s probably full of awful E numbers and the like but I loved it years ago.”


Desperate Dan bars

“Sure ya lose a tooth everytime you chewed on one but it was worth it.”

Desperate Dan Bar 1

Cadbury Jestives

“They were choc digestives with choc chip through them.”


Extra tangy spicy flavour Disco crisps

“I wrote to them when they replaced them with “beef”, I got a letter and some lousy vouchers in return. I miss those crisps so much.”


And eh… Horse?!


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What food do you wish was still around??

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