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08th Jul 2017

This Cottage Pub Is By Far One Of The Most Unique Bars We’ve Ever Seen


It’s no secret that we LOVE when a new bar pops up. Somewhere fresh to chug down a G&T, a new change of scenery, and maybe even the chance to try a new craft beer or two.

What’s even better though, is when something really unusual comes along. And unusual is exactly what the latest, and cutest, pub to grace the nation is.

People of Ireland: meet The Hidden Naggin. (Yes, we’re obsessed with the name too.)

A traditional pub with a twist, this cottage bar is in fact a simple caravan that has had a Cinderella-esque makeover, turning it into a whiskey wagon on wheels that would be SO slick to have for your party or wedding.

It’s had a pretty amazing transformation…

The owner of The Hidden Naggin bought an old caravan off a “few festival lads”, and put a lot of hard work turning it into the boozy beauty it is today.

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And just LOOK how cute it is inside

All the tiny details add up to give it a super homey feel, from the Paddy cap hanging on the door to the little ornaments on top of the shelves, and of course the old fashioned Guinness mirror.

That corner sofa seat is looking nice and cosy…

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The Hidden Naggin is making its debut in Nolans Bar Rosscarbery Co.Cork all weekend, and are welcoming people to pop in and say hello.

They’ll be there on the 8th, 9th, and 12th July, so head along for some ceol agus craic.

As for where to next? Your humble garden of course. Grab 15 or so mates, fire up a BBQ, and skip the queuing at your local for your very own cottage bar at your gaff.

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