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14th Jun 2017

This Reddit Thread Proves How Strongly Irish People Feel About Jambons


The ultimate hangover cure (I’ll have no disagreements on this one, jambons are king and ye know it), the cheesy ham pastry deli treat holds a special place in the nation’s hearts.


And if you didn’t already know just how obsessed Irish folks are with these flaky beauts, a recent thread on Reddit has people debating on whether a soft jambon or a crispy one is best.

User Oriain asked “Bit of a debate going on at work about the best type of jambons. Most say a jambon has to have crispy pastry.

 “While I’m not against that sort of thing myself, I much prefer when you get a soft one and it looks like I’m not alone. What’s yer thoughts?”

And people were quick to jump on the great jambon jumble…

  • I hate flaky pastry, by the time I’m finished one it’s like I’ve poured a packet of crisps on the ground and rolled around in it.
  • A slight crispness to the outside is acceptable but no more.
  • I’ll eat any jambon that’s in front of me.
  •  I prefer the ones that have been sitting there all day and are all hard and crispy.
  • Fuck off, “crisp pastry” is code for “burnt and dry as fuck”. you want a nice juicy one with gooey cheese which necessitates a soggy jambon.
  • Crispy can piss right off. Impotent jambon all the way

We need to settle this once for and for all people: CRISPY OR SOFT???

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