This Sweet Potato Fries Truck Will Be Popping Up At Irish Festivals This Summer


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Not too long ago we wrote about Strong Roots, a company that makes bags of sweet potato fries you can pop in the oven at home. They're handy to have in the freezer if you're making dinner in a rush and they're also dangerously addictive. 

Strong Roots have decided to bring their grub to festivals across Ireland this summer, with a brand new food truck. 

They'll be serving sweet potato fries with plenty of different toppings like guacamole, Cool Beans, garlic mayo and chocolate sauce. 

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Having attended Dublin City Block Party a few weeks ago, next on their agenda is KnockanStockan this weekend and BeatYard in Dun Laoghaire the weekend after, as well a few more appearances in the pipeline.

So if you love sweet potato fries as much as we do, make sure to pop over and get your fix at KnockanStockan this weekend!

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Fiodhna Horan Murphy