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22nd Feb 2017

We Would Choose This Sushi Donut Over A Normal One Any Day Of The Week

Alana Laverty

The only thing we love more than donuts is probably sushi. 

So when this SUSHI DONUT appeared in our timelines, we lost our shit. 

And while it may just look like a ring of rice all stuck together with some raw fish on top… the donut is actually stuffed with even more yumminess. 

We could watch that tantalising video all day. 

It is a thing of BEAUTY. 

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Toppings range from salmon and tuna to cucumbers, radishes, avocado and sesame while you can choose from imitation crab, spicy tuna or avo as your donut filling. 


The beauties are sold from Project Poke, Fountain Valley in Orange County, California. 

But we’re gonna attempt to make our own after watching that video. Until somewhere in Ireland starts serving these. 

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