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07th Jan 2020

G Adventures’ annual travel horoscopes are here to tell you where to visit in 2020

Sarah Finnan

G Adventures’ travel horoscopes are here – in case you need some help choosing where to go.

One of my goals for this year is to travel more.

Saving is not my forte but hopefully, with a little self-discipline and focus, I can manage to put some money aside to help me on my way. Life is short and the world is wide as they say.

With so many places to visit, it can be hard to narrow down your options. Maybe it’s best to leave it up to the stars.

G Adventures’ handy travel horoscopes 2020 guide will provide you with oodles of travel inspiration.

Whether you stick to the location assigned to your zodiac sign or not is up to you…we won’t tell if you swap.


As a “confident leader with bold inclinations and a dislike of complication and delay”, a trip to Georgia is well suited to your trailblazing ways. You’ll be in foodie heaven.


With a tendency to lean towards solitude, comfort and tactile pleasures (think good food and drink), St Lucia and the Grenadines is right up your alley.


Happy to go with the flow (some call it indecisive; you call it adaptive), the lush Sri Lankan surroundings will suit your easy-breezy attitude down to the ground.


Looks like a staycation is on the cards for you. Attracted to places with “a certain poetry to them” (it’s the romantic in you), there are few places more poetic than Ireland. They don’t call it the isle of saints and scholars for nothing.


Japan is calling you with its bright lights, vibrant culinary scene and buzzy atmosphere. Perfect for a fiery Leo fond of a selfie…or two or three.


Take a well-deserved break from the list-making and head to Nepal. A country that runs on zen Buddhist cultures and traditions, a spot of meditation will do you the world of good.


Balance is the key for you which makes South Africa ideal. Equal parts city and nature. You’ll be kept busy animal-spotting and learning about the country’s rich cultural history.


Stray off the beaten track and head to the lesser-visited country of Nicaragua. Special “I-got-there-first” bragging rights reserved just for you. Keep notes, because you’re sure to be inundated with travel tips after your visit.


Known as being lively and a little mischievous, like a lemur, a visit to Madagascar is just the ticket. Lemurs aplenty, gorgeous sunshine and beautiful vistas. Tasty food too. What more could ya want?


Not usually dubbed as a ‘party animal’, Greenland will complement your introverted, stubborn ways perfectly. The rugged, imposing beauty of the place will speak to your idiosyncrasies on a spiritual level.


Always the optimist, you seek education, enlightenment and enjoyment around every corner. Which can only mean that a trip to Laos in South Asia is on the cards.


The dreamer of the Zodiac, you’re drawn to people, places and things that foster your creativity and desire for artistic expression. Brazil has all that and more between the gloriously colourful Carnival and the lush Amazon rainforest.

As the guys at G Adventures put it – new year, new decade, new destination.

What do you reckon – will you be leaving the decision up to the travel horoscopes?

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