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31st Jul 2018

VIDEO: Passengers Get Rowdy Following Announcement Of Cancelled Ryanair Flight

Darragh Berry

Passengers were left angry and hurt at the weekend after another set of cancelled Ryanair flight left them stranded at Stansted Airport with no other other flights until the beginning of this week.

The cancellation was described as an “utter disgrace” with Ryanair supplying “no information and no support” on the matter.

Ailish Trimble, recorded the moment that the crowd began booing after the announcement of the cancelled flight.

This comes after Ryanair invited FORSA and its Pilot Committee to meet to discuss FORSA’s requirements, after next Fridays 4th strike by just 25% of Irish pilots, which has disrupted another 3,500 Irish customers flights.

All the passengers affected have now been re-accommodated or refunded but these 20 cancelled flights (out of 300) cannot be restored even if the 4th strike is called off, as the damage to Ryanair’s Irish business has already been done.

Ryanair also released details of FORSA’s 11 requirements, 9 of which have already been agreed by Ryanair.

Only 2 of these, no.6 (which would limit Ryanair’s growth and F.O. promotions), and no.11 (which FORSA cannot explain because it contradicts no.7 & no.10) are not agreed.

Ryanair said that: “given how much Ryanair has already agreed to, it is irresponsible of FORSA to call repeated strikes of Irish pilots and refuse to meet Ryanair (as they did last Tuesday), which has damaged Ryanair’s Irish business and led to 300 pilots and cabin crew receiving protective notices.

Ryanair’s COO Peter Bellew added that:

“The 20 cancelled flights next Friday cannot be recovered even if this unnecessary (4th) strike is called off. We hope FORSA will accept our invitation to meet either next Saturday (4th) or any day the following week commencing Mon 6 Aug, as long as no more strikes are called while we meet, and no Aer Lingus pilots are involved in these negotiations.

“FORSA’s call for a meeting lacks credibility when we invited them to meet us last Wednesday, and their only response was to refuse, and instead call a 4th strike. We apologise to the 3,500 Irish customers (whose 20 flights next Fri have been cancelled), but who have now been re-accommodated or refunded. We share their frustration at these strikes (by just 25% of Irish pilots), which are unnecessary when we have already agreed to 9 of FORSA’s 11 requirements.”

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