WATCH: These Videos Of The Local Gossip In Kerry Have Us Screaming

Cant cope.

There's no accent out there like the Kerry accent. When a Kerry man starts rambling it's almost impossible to pick up what they're saying but it's bloody hilarious.

My dad is from Kerry and every time I bring my friends down to his hometown, I get so much enjoyment out of watching them try to understand the locals. Bernard Casey Comedy released a video called "When you give the local gossip a lift" and it is pure gold.

The teeth! I'm actually crying.

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This video is so ridiculously accurate and so country.

I've never seen anyone sound more like my dad and uncles when they get nattering with one another, too fricken good.

As if this ramble about the bees wasn't enough, the comedian has just released a brand new video continuing on as this character. This time he's having a goss about the new Garda in town.

Try watch this without laughing, I dare you.

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