These Irish Fans Were Acting The Maggot Outside A Copenhagen Lingerie Store Earlier

The session is well and truly underway...

Republic Of Ireland football supporters are famed worldwide for their antics, never more so then during the European Championships in France last year. 

Today, they're in Copenhagen ahead of tonight's World cup play-off with Denmark and have set up camp outside Victoria's Secret in the city.

It makes sense as the lingerie store is right next to The Dubliner Irish pub and some overspill has attracted some supporters to its windows.

Danish shoppers may not have expected to be cheered on by hundreds of lairy Irish fans when buying their unmentionables today but there you are. 

Some commenters online appear to view this as harmless fun but others are questioning whether Irish fans should really be harassing the Danish public, regardless of intention. 

Generally though, it seems everyone is in good spirits as the atmosphere builds towards the big game and some Irish fans even got free beer upon arrival at the airport. 

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