11 Irish Phrases We All Say That Actually Make No Sense

By clodagh

April 16, 2019 at 8:22am


We might not all speak fluent Irish anymore, but there's still some phrases that we use that don't translate directly to other people. If you've ever uttered some of those to someone who isn't Irish, you're bound to be met with a strange look.

1. This is just after happening

Why the 'after'? What does that bring to the table? When you really think about it, the sentence makes no sense.

2. I will now in a few minutes

One to drive the parents up the wall. Are you going to do it now, or in a few minutes? Which??

3. Your man/your one

This one seriously confuses people. If you're not familiar with it, there's no way you're going to figure out who we're talking about.

4. You know yourself

Well, I like to think I do, but what a deep statement to throw into a conversation.

5. Go away out of that

Are you asking me to leave, is that it?

6. Take in the messages

Not to be confused with the messages on your phone, which y'know, would be easy to do. Seeing as this has no reference to the groceries.

7. Leg it

Okay, I can kind of see the logic in this one. Half a point.

8. Sure look

At what?

9. Put them on the horse

Usually said upon receiving a pile of wet clothes from the washing machine. No, they're not to be put on a real horse. Don't be so ridiculous.

10. I'll see you now

If you're going to see me now, then why are you leaving? This really makes no sense.

11. Sorry

This can be used in so many contexts, it can be confusing. We probably overuse it. Sorry.