People Are About To Get A Whole Lot Lazier – A Drive-Through Starbucks Is Coming To Ireland

Could you even be bothered?

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The simple act of opening a door, walking into a coffee shop, ordering and then paying for a beverage face-to-face with a server is about to be cast aside.

Yes, the ridiculous Starbucks Drive-Thru service is making its way onto our shores.

And I just cannot jump on this band wagon. 

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I've seen quite a few of these dotted around the States, with massive queues of cars lined up outside – but c'monnnn do we really wanna be more like America?

Fair enough, McDonalds, Supermacs, KFC and other fast food chains have already brought the drive through concept to Ireland. But is there really a need for drive through coffee?

The Connswater Shopping Centre in Belfast is the location the first ever drive-through Starbucks in Northern Ireland and it should be open before the end of this year. 

Would you use this service?

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