This Pundit Told The O'Donovan Brothers They Brought Him To Tears – And They Burst Out Laughing

"No better man!"

The O'Donovan brothers seem incapable of getting through an interview without having the craic in some way.

Following their silver medal win yesterday, the two Skibbereen natives had an interview with RTÉ. On the panel was rower Niall O'Toole, who congratulated the O'Donovans on their terrific performance. He went so far as to tell them that he'd spent most of the day in tears because of them.

They quickly responded to that revelation by bursting out laughing and saying: "No better man! Good man, Tooler!".

The Irish rowing community is pretty close-knit so don't worry, the two lads were actually friends with O'Toole before this interview took place.

You can watch the interview in full on RTÉ Player here.

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