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20th Dec 2016

15 Tweets Showing How Emotional ‘Making A Murderer’ Fans Are Getting Over Brendan Dassey’s Release


Fans of Making A Murderer received some wonderful news yesterday – Brendan Dassey may be able to walk free in just 90 days.

Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery were both convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach, but the Netflix series cast some serious doubts on the legitimacy of the legal proceedings the pair had to endure.

Dassey seemed the more wronged of the pair, having been given a life sentence at the age of 16 and spending the last 10 years in prison, despite intellectual difficulties.

After revisiting the circumstances of this conviction, US Magistrate Judge William Duffin yesterday ordered the release of Brendan within the next 90 days, unless the State chooses to retry him.

This news has provoked a hugely emotional response from Dassey’s supporters.

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