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12th Jan 2022

Dunmanway supermarket finds a way around the new minimum pricing for alcohol

Fiona Frawley

slabs of carlsberg and budweiser cans stacked on top of one another, with €47.34 price tags

Since the minimum unit pricing for alcohol was introduced on the 4th of Jan, the country has been in mourning for ye olde cheap cans.

Tuborg. Prazsky. Dutch. Always in our thoughts, never forgotten.

Spending €48 for a slab of cans after being told for the guts of a decade that a €3 coffee will prevent us from ever getting a mortgage simply feels wrong.

We’ve spent the last week or so in shock and disbelief – is this really how buying a few tins in Ireland is going to be from now on?

Luckily, Sam’s Gala in Dunmanway, Cork have come up with the solution to all our woes.

Via Facebook/Sam’s Gala Dunmanway

If you find yourself in the Dunmanway vicinity at all, you can avail of a special deal they’ve got going on. Buy 24 plastic glasses for €30, receive a credit note to the value of €47.34. What can €47.34 get you at Gala? Well, you might like to pick up this lovely microfibre mop:

Via Facebook/Sam’s Gala Dunmanway

Or how about this very handy wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

Via Facebook/Sam’s Gala

Of course, you could also use the credit note for a slab of cans. Totally up to you.

Via Facebook/Sam’s Gala

As you’d imagine, this iconic method for selling cans at the original price has garnered plenty of online attention. Could this be the start of subtle push backs to the new minimum pricing law countrywide? If so, we’re 100% here for it.

Header image via Facebook/Sam’s Gala Dunmanway 

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