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11th Feb 2020

Eight of Galway’s best cups of soup to help you keep warm

Sarah Finnan

Where to get soup in Galway

Tis freezing out.

We’re big fans of soup here in the Lovin offices. It’s a lunchtime staple most days of the week but particularly on a day like today when we need something warm to wrap our hands around.

Much as I love the stuff, I was kind of hoping that soup season would be over by now and we’d be dreaming of summer picnics and BBQs and the like. Wishful thinking.

Parts of the country are still covered under a blanket of snow, so I guess we’re going to have to wait a little longer before packing in the winter woolies for another year.

Lunchtime may be just over but if you’re not already thinking about your next meal, you’re doing it wrong. Here are eight places to get a cup of soup in Galway to help you keep warm on this chilly Tuesday.


Curried turnip and apple and Thai beef noodle…spicy, adventurous, warming. One of my top choices for lunch when out west.

Quay Street Kitchen

Fresh made and vegan – meaning theirs is good for you and good for the planet.

Matt’s Sandwiches

Soup goes hand in hand with a hearty sambo and no where does it quite like Matt’s. Take a look at this beauty.

Tartare Café + Wine Bar

Another soup and sandwich combo…can’t bate it. Especially when the bread is fresh out of the oven.

Lighthouse Vegetarian Café

The Lighthouse is one of Galway’s finest vegan/veggie cafes and their food is always stellar. This sweet potato and coconut soup looks like a bit of me.

Ard Bia

Ard Bia does a mean brunch but their soup is next level.

Café Temple

Located right by Charlie Byrne’s bookshop, combine your stop off here with a spot of reading and you’re golden.

The Huntsman Inn

Seafood chowder is one surefire way to win me over. Creamy and delicious and extremely warming. You’ll find me at The Huntsmann Inn.

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