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11th Feb 2020

This Galway pub is throwing a burgers and Buckfast party tomorrow

Sarah Finnan

Burgers and Buckfast to celebrate Donegal Tuesday

Donegal Tuesday is best spent with a burger and a bottle of bucky in hand…or so they say.

Who knew burgers and Buckfast would make such a winning combination? Harry’s Bar had a sneaky suspicion they’d pair well together and is putting on a party to celebrate the matrimony.

According to the event page on Facebook, there are two main things that happen during February. Those being the end of Dry January and Donegal Tuesday – two events that pretty much go hand in hand.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Donegal Tuesday, let me catch you up.

The concept first arose during RAG week, when Donegal students studying in Galway would don their green and gold and head to the pub to celebrate their home county. And well, you could say that the practice has spiralled since its humble beginnings with students queuing for their local as early as 8am.

Oh to be a student again.

Whether you plan to partake in Donegal Tuesday or simply reminisce about the glory days, Harry’s Bar in Bohermore have you covered either way.

“We’ve decided to create the ultimate cure for the inevitable hangover that you are going to suffer on Wednesday the 12th of February – by pairing two of the ultimate hangover-cures together, to ensure you’re ready for another huge night on the town.”

The first 50 burgers sold will bag themselves a free flagon of Buckfast too. Hair of the dog and all that.

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