PICS: This Galway Pub Has A Genius Solution For Those Who Feel Like Drawing On Their Doors

For those who doodle while they doo-doo

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The owners of The Salt House in Galway have had enough of people graffitiing their toilet doors – and they've come up with a genius compromise that'll let loo-goers unleash their artistic tendencies without vandalising any property.

Seriously? We're shocked no one's thought of this before – and intrigued to see if it'll work!

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We really don't like painting the doors all the time. We prefer to serve you amazing beer.

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The clever clogs at the Salt House have set up a Magnadoodle on the door of their toilets, so that customers can feel free to write or draw whatever they want while they sit on the throne.

So far, they haven't had any particularly noteworthy submissions, but surely some day they'll get a visit from Tracey Emin or Graham Knuttel, and that Magnadoodle will be worth millions...

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What do you think? Would you enjoy some Magnadoodling while you doo-doo?

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