PICS: Someone Raised This Sign To Support Trump In Mayo – And The Locals Reacted Perfectly


Trump Sign Main

Earlier this week in Foxford, County Mayo, someone decided to place a large sign in support of Donald Trump at an entrance to the town. Locals were not best pleased by this.

This is the sign in question.

Trump Sign Main

Local Fine Gael councillor Neil Cruise said he received a barrage of complaints from the townspeople, who were furious about being associated with "such a horrible, dangerous, racist and bigoted election candidate".

But the locals weren't going to take it lying down. Cruise said on his Facebook page,

Now local people have responded in the best way they know how ... with an even bigger 'Father Ted'-inspired sign! 

It's safe to say that Foxford, Co. Mayo DOES NOT support Donald Trump.

Father Trump
Foxford Sign

Fair play, Foxford!

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