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17th Jul 2019

This Might Be The Most Picturesque Town In Ireland


Some people are suckers for a pretty face, but us, we’re suckers for a pretty place.

As much as we love Ireland, we have to say that we’ve passed through many towns in this country that are almost indistinguishable from the next: essentially just one long street of grey buildings, old pubs and newsagents. In short, these built-up areas tend to be a bit feckin’ boring to look at.

But that ain’t the case when it comes to Dingle.

This seaside spot in Co. Kerry is bursting with colour, a constant flow of visitors, exciting activities and delish eateries.

The thing that really strikes you when you first enter Dingle is the bright hues of their buildings, giving it such a distinctive look that you instantly feel like this isn’t going to be your typical small town.

And that feeling is soon confirmed.

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with a place, it’s being on the coast. In Dingle, not only are you by the sea, you also happen to be in one of the most ruggedly beautiful coastal locations in Ireland.

Also, the boats in the town harbour seem to be as jazzy as the main street’s facades.

Back on the town streets, you notice that locals aren’t just trying to impress visitors with vibrant buildings, they’ve also added little flourishes in an effort to make their surroundings that little bit prettier. Between statues, hand-painted signs and overflowing flower boxes, they’ve decorated the place perfectly.

Gorgeous or wha’?

Dingle also happens to be an absolute foodie haven, so not only are the eateries a feast for the eyes — like My Boy Blue, The Global Village and Murphy’s — but the grub itself is making this a more photogenic place to be.

Cos if you ain’t Instagrammin’ the streets you’re definitely snappin’ those treats.

Once you’ve wandered the town and had a bite to eat, you fancy having yourself a drink someplace nice, which is where Dick Mac’s comes in. This charming auld man pub is an institution in Dingle and it’s attracted many a celeb over its long life — and it also happens to boast one of the best gardens we’ve ever come across.

Just imagine supping on a creamy pint right here…

If you take a walk a little outside the town, you’ll see even more spectacular sights. With the rolling green hills, quiet country roads and docile farm animals everywhere, there’s a real sense of peace in this place.

You really start to see the appeal of small town life…

Seriously, simply spend a day here and you’ll have more material for the ‘gram than you’ll know what to do with.

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