This Is One Of The Most Interesting Foodie Towns In Ireland

By katedemolder

April 6, 2019 at 8:22am


Ireland is known internationally as a hub of good food, great restaurants and stellar produce - but it seems that some Irish towns take it upon themselves to really go above and beyond with what they serve on plates, in cups or even, in cones.

Dingle, County Kerry itself is a masterclass of what it is to be a gastronomically perfect town.

The seaside family-friendly spot seems to boast more stellar eateries than people living there - and holds on majestically to the beautiful sense of Irishness that we so crave.

Framed with rugged beauty, the faint scent of seafood chowder and Fungi the friendly dolphin - here's exactly why anyone obsessed with food (i.e, everyone on Earth) should make Dingle an outright priority.

Exhibit A - My Boy Blue

This new happenin' spot only opened in June, but boasts the finesse and skill of a long-standing saloon. Serving up tempting vegan dishes, Harissa eggs and 3FE coffee - with these guys you really can't go wrong.

Exhibit B - Doyle's Seafood Restaurant

With an early bird to die for and a seafood menu to match - Doyle's head chef Seán Roche's speciality is melt-in-the-mouth fish. These guys take walk-ins and treat them like royalty. You'll leave feeling like catch-of-the-day.

(I'm sorry.)

Exhibit C - Murphy's Ice Cream

The original and the best.

Made with the freshest of ingredients - this Dingle staple tastes way better in Kerry than anywhere else. Get a scoop of brown bread ice cream and pair it with the sea salt variety - and just trust us.

Exhibit D - The Global Village

The Global Village boasts modern Irish cuisine in a cosy setting, with fish fresh from local boats, meat from the Kerry hills and vegetables sourced from their own chemical-free garden.

It couldn't be fresher and more local if you tried.

Exhibit E - The Chart House

This place comes highly recommended from anyone who's ever eaten there - considering it's absolutely incredible dishes, servers and location overlooking the water.

If this place could bottle and sell ambience - they would be a very rich set-up indeed.

And finally, Exhibit F - Ashe's Seafood Restaurant

If, as Christy Moore sang, 'it's drink you want and plenty of feeding and you'd like the bed as well' - then Ashe's is your only man.

The B&B turned restaurant boasts a Dingle history others dream of, and relationships with local fishermen, alcohol delivery people and food stockists that really shows in their food. A family run inn, this spot is as homey as it is atmospheric - with items on the menu like Rúna's Handmade Lemonade alongside impeccable Steamed Glenbeigh Mussels.

So, there you have it - a love letter to Dingle food, if you will.

And the best bit?

The places listed make up only a fraction of whopper places to treat your taste buds to down in the Kingdom's dreamiest peninsula.

So, what are you waiting for?

It's worth the journey. Promise.

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