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13th Jan 2020

Same-sex marriage now legal in Northern Ireland

Sarah Finnan

Northern Ireland is the last place in Ireland and the UK to legalise the practice.

As of today, January 13, same-sex couples can legally get married in Northern Ireland – with the first ceremonies expected to be carried out by Valentine’s Day (couples must register their intent to marry 28 days in advance).

Couples already married will also now have their union recognised by law.

However, according to reports by the BBC, anyone in a civil partnership will not be able to convert it to marriage at this stage, though the Northern Ireland Office is set to begin consultations on this later this year.

This comes after MPs in the House of Commons voted to legalise same-sex marriage and abortion in the North if power-sharing hadn’t been restored by October 21st 2019. Abortion is expected to become legal by April.

Same-sex marriage has been legal in England, Scotland and Wales since 2014.

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