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07th Nov 2019

10 of the funniest tweets about the ‘Dublin Murders’ finale

James Fenton

After a month of keeping audiences guessing, crime show Dublin Murders finished up this week to a fairly mixed reaction. While it was an enthralling series and generally well-received, people were a little bit peeved that not everything was wrapped up into a neat little package by the end of the final episode.

Of course, this came as no surprise to anyone who had read the original Tana French novels but for TV viewers looking for all the answers, the ambiguous ending didn’t go down too well.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, fair enough. As is usually the case though, people were quick to put down their remotes and pick up their phones and it wasn’t long before Twitter’s finest comedians were out in force. Here’s a summary of some of the best quips as we said goodbye to Rob, Cassie, Frank and all the rest of the Dublin Murders gang…

1. The ‘Wagatha Christie’ scandal was of course referenced…

2. And Father Ted is usually a good go-to…

3. Zoinks!

4. Flashbacks to Junior Cert English…

5. Who’s with us?!

6. Hard to argue, Fargo

7. Any chance of a spin-off?

8. Fizzy orange all round

9. An ulterior motive?

10. Some things are better left unsaid

While a lot of questions remain unanswered, the below tweet could indicate that a second series might be on the way to shed some light on everything…

What became of Peter and Jamie? Who was Lexie? Will Rosalind ever update her wardrobe? Find out next time on Dublin Murders. 

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