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18th May 2021

11 of the weirdest things that happened when celebrities came to Ireland

Brian Dillon

We seem to love when we see celebrities visiting Ireland and soaking in the culture, such as bingo and Supervalu bags. 

Many international superstars have graced our shores over the past few decades, and it sometimes gives us quite a laugh. It’s quite funny how we seem to go absolutely bonkers when a movie or music star even mentioned Ireland. When they come here, it’s a totally different cultural experience.

We seem to simply lose our minds at the thought of them sharing our experiences. So, here are 11 gas yet weird things that happened when celebrities came to visit Ireland.

Britney Spears shopping in Pavillions

Even Britney needs a few bits from Penney’s every now and again. Can you imagine it? You’re in the queue picking up some socks and a few other wee bits and the princess of pop is behind you. Man, that is what dreams are made of.

Drake eating at Eddie Rockets in Tallaght

During his Assassination Vacation Tour, Drake stopped off in Dublin and hung around in Tallaght. He was spotted in the National Basketball Arena before stopping off at Eddie Rockets in The Square Shopping Centre. Iconic.

Kim and Kanye going to the cinema in Portlaoise

Honestly, did this happen or is it just some weird fever dream I had?

Beyoncé and Jay Z having a casual stroll around Phoenix Park

Beyoncé and Jay Z, AKA the literal king and queen of the world, were in Dublin back in 2014 while Beyonce was on her Mrs Carter World Tour. The pair decided to take their daughter Blue Ivy to Dublin Zoo before strolling freely through Phoenix Park. Can you imagine how the deer felt when BEYONCÉ walked past? I’d pas out.

Woody Harrelson playing bingo in Waterford

Back in 2014, Woody Harrelson stopped off in Waterford for a bit of bingo with his pal Keith Barry, as you do. Honestly, this photo raises more questions than it answers.

Grace Jones having a bop in Workman’s

I actually just don’t even know what to say about this one. I would say an absolute bop was had.

Hugh Jackman having his first pint of Guinness

How does one go 50 years without having a pint of Guinness? Well, Hugh Jackman did. And when he was in Dublin, he finally got to try it.

John C. Reilly performing in Gus O’Connor’s Pub in Doolin

This looks like so much fun and I’m freaked I wasn’t there.

Chaos ensuing when Justin Bieber played basketball in Dublin

When Justin Bieber plays basketball in Bushy Park, Terenure, you know crowds of people will soon be there to watch.

And that’s exactly what happened. The footage alone is giving me a headache.

Courtney Cox having lunch in Applegreen in Lusk

When you think of one of the stars of possibly the most successful TV comedy of all time heading for lunch in Ireland, you probably don’t think of her heading to a North County Dublin petrol station.

And of course, Matt Damon swimming at the Forty Foot with a Supervalu bag in hand

We clearly had very little to get excited about during this stage of the lockdown, because we, as a nation, collectively lost our minds at this iconic image.

It’s clear that celebrities visiting Ireland is really what gets us going as a nation.

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