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12 Types Of People You'll Find In Every Whatsapp Group

By Sarah

November 5, 2017 at 11:58am


Ahhh Whatsapp. How on Earth did did social groups get by before this marvel of communication? 

Most of us belong to at least one group, usually falling into the fairly standard categories of 'Family', 'Friends' and the dreaded 'Work' chat. Then these usually get split into even more sub-categories, such as 'Brother Bants Only' and the essential 'Gals Holiday Marbs 2017'.

We all have a role to play in these group chats, from the person who thinks they're funnier than they actually are (we don't wish that curse on anyone), to the creeper in the background who hasn't actually participate in the chat, eh, ever.

How many of the 12 most common offenders do you know?

1. The invisible lurker 

They read everything – you know they do, you can see those little blue ticks, yet they NEVER REPLY. 

Why bother? 


2. The person who keeps leaving

They get fed up of the constant notifications, so y'know instead of just pressing 'mute' they up and leave the group altogether. Which would be fine if you didn't have to add them back every single time they do it.


3. The inappropriate video lover 

"Guys you're gonna love this ahahah LOL". AKA not lol, because more than likely it's a hiiighly inappropriate, verging on pornographic video.  

Side Eye

4. The chat whore

They just have so many friends and are in SO many groups, and you won't be able to forget it thanks to the constant "ooops sorry wrong chat" messages they send. 

We get it, you're great.


5. The plan maker

Fair play to the valiant plan makers. They try and they try to organise a reunion or some sort of evening get together, and it's not easy when everyone has different schedules. 

But does it really qualify as a reunion if it's every week?


6. The plan destroyer

They instantly shut down any mention of meeting up. Either they're A) too busy with work, B) already have plans, or C) sick, the plan destroyer will put a downer on any occasion.


7. The meme obsessive

They sincerely think that memes are God's gift to the world. Which in fairness, they often are. Lucky is the group that has a meme obsessive who actually shares funny ones. 

Pity the group whose meme obsessive only likes inspirational quotes.

Itsanoldmeme  How Ifeelwhen Isee E83De6 3481193

8. The grammar nerd

Look, sometimes we have to write on the go okay? That means there may be spelling mistakes – get over it. The grammar nerd just can't help themselves to correct your typo though.


9. The one word replier

Are they so bored by the group conversation that all they can muster is a "ye" or "no"? Congratulations on being the proud owner of a monosyllabic mate. Maybe one day they'll surprise us all and actually offer up a full sentence.

No But Yea

10. The name changer

Because is it even a funny group chat if it doesn't have a comical name? God help the group who has an admin constantly changing the name to keep up with the latest inside jokes. 

Fake Laugh

11. The emoji communicator

We love emojis, we really do, but sometimes they can't say it all. Sure a thumbs up is all well and good, but a shy monkey face when asked what you're doing tonight? Tells us literally ZERO.


12. The one who loves their own voice

Messaging was invented for many a reason, and one of them is that silence is golden. That means we can sneakily read what someone has said. 

Voice memos mean you have to hold your phone to ear in the work bathroom and pray your boss doesn't ask what all that noise is.

Baby Singer

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