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15th Oct 2018

15 Absolutely Mundane Things That Make Your Day When You Are An Adult


You know when you reach a certain age, and certain things just thrill you? Victories are hard to come by nowadays, so we’ll take as many as we can get our grubby paws on, no matter how small.

1. Setting your alarm a tiny bit later

Not necessarily a lie-in, but those mornings when you can afford yourself an extra 10/15 minutes in bed are incredible.

Victory 1

2. Getting a seat to yourself on any form of public transportation

Rarely happens, especially on that dreaded rush-hour commute. But when it does, oh my GOD is it satisfying. Sit your bag down next to you and enjoy the spin.

Girl On Bus

3. Having the exact change for something

Honestly, not having to wait on change for the cashier is the best. I skip out of the shop sometimes. No, seriously.

4. Being on time for something after thinking you’d be late

Google Maps – the cause and solution to most of life’s logistical problems. That feature that tells you how many minutes it’ll take you to reach your destination has made us paranoid freaks.



5. When you make lunch to bring in to work that’s actually nice AND you don’t forget it

Lunch-time envy be gone! #QueenOfTheTupperware

6. Being able to record your favourite TV show

It’s just … so … CONVENIENT.


7. When you do a wash and you don’t end up with any odd socks at the end

*praise hands emoji*

8. When you get a pair of shoes for going out that are actually comfortable

Yep – EVEN when you’re breaking them in. Bonus points if they’re not absolutely hideous.


9. When the salad at the salad bar is actually nice

Half raw broccoli salad HAS NO PLACE AT A SALAD BAR. Give me all of the pickled beetroot, thank you.

10. When you’re out with friends and everyone collectively decides to call it an early night

You fake being super disappointed, but the delight in your heart has never been more real.

11. When you get in the car and a good song is immediately playing on the station so you don’t have to change

This is a cause of huge consternation between pilots and passengers – I’m a constant station switcher – so this is a win all around, really.


12. When you’re putting petrol/diesel in to your car and you get it to exactly the amount you’re paying

The satisfaction of seeing those numbers roll over is second to none.

13. When your phone is on 1% but you get to your charger JUST before it dies

Usain Bolt or wha?! Can’t be missing out on those all important WhatsApps.

Phone Charging

14. When you’re going in somewhere and you JUST miss the rain

Bonus rain avoidance points if you forgot your jacket and your umbrella.

15. When you replace the dirty sponges in your gaff with clean ones

You will never know relief until you do this. In fact, do it when you go home, and thank us later.


Who said being a grown-up was tough, eh?

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