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27th Dec 2021

2021 in Irish comedy sketches – one for every month

Fiona Frawley

3 part collage featuring a man smiling mid sentence, a woman in a swimsuit, swimming hat and goggles and a man dressed in biblical type attire on the phone

In a year where the majority of us sat at home and stared at the wall, there are a select few that sat at home and actually did something productive.

With live comedy not an option for a large chunk of the year, there are a few artistes who kept Whatsapp groups buzzing with sketches on everything from Love Island to the Immaculate Conception (the two things that occupy the minds of Irish people approx. 98% of the time, let’s be honest with ourselves).

It was hard to narrow it down to just twelve sketches, and not to state the obvious or anything but each person on this list is funny all year round, not just during their designated month.

There’ll be some you’ve probably seen shared a million times, some you might not yet have discovered but hopefully they’ll all squeeze a lil festive chuckle out of you.

Find somewhere comfy, hijack any Christmas chocolate that’s still lying around and sit back and enjoy twelve of our favourite comedy sketches from 2021.


Michael Fry – Tony McGregor on Coinage but it’s an Indie band.


Foil Arms and Hog – Home Schooling Hell.


Victoria Adeyinka – Teachers when you ask them a question.


Shane Daniel Byrne – Mammy of God.


Séan Burke – Predrinks in 1705.


Peter McGann – Happy Pride from the straightest man you’ve ever met.


Emma Doran – If 30+ year olds were on Love Island.


Killian Sundermann – Restrictions update regarding outdoor parties.


Darren Conway – Darren’s ma Mary Lou McDonald offers to go on his podcast – but only if he cleans his room.


Justine Stafford – When someone shows you a video on their phone and you’re trying to ignore the messages.


Shane Clifford – Playing your uncle in Fifa.


Ali Fox – Christmas in Dublin via Peppa Pig.

God bless ya, comedy huns. Here’s to loads more gold in 2022.

Header image via Instagram/killersundy/emmadorancomedian/shanedanbyrne

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