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15th Mar 2022

8 wholesome Twitter accounts to brighten up your feed

Fiona Frawley

cat balancing on the door handle of a pick up truck

Twitter can be a scary place sometimes.

All a person needs to do is tweet “I like frogs” and they’ll find themselves on the frontline of World War III in the comments. “What about lizards? Don’t you like them?” “Unfollowing. My great, great grandmother was allergic to frogs.” “Wow, I guess you didn’t know that a band of frogs in 1865 were responsible for robbing an orphanage – here’s an article on it” and so on and so forth. Surely there’s a corner of Twitter where anyone looking to escape the painful reality of daily life can get away from it all, maybe enjoy a meme or two? There is, reader, and I’ve compiled a list of the absolute best ones. Get ready to hit that follow button and see your Twitter experience improve significantly.

Kids Write Jokes

These are actual jokes written by children, and the account DMs are always open for submissions. They’re the cutest one liners and knock-knock jokes you’ll ever come across.

Petfinder Names

This account shares photos of animals with unconventional names. What more could you ask for, honestly.

Cats Where They Shouldn’t Be

Another animal related one. Those pesky cats always end up where they shouldn’t be, and we just can’t get enough of it.

Cats With Jobs

I’m sure it’ll surprise no one that there’s another cat account on this listicle. These cats would do Kim K proud – they’re flat out working away.

Wholesome Memes

Anytime one of these pop up on my feed, I have to look twice because I’m in disbelief at how sweet and pure they are. A delight to follow.


Whales are such mysterious creatures, but this page is filled with fun facts about them that no one could dispute.

We Rate Dogs

Good girls and boys only on this account. You’ll love seeing what they all get up to.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Weekend

Do you find it hard to close the laptop and switch off from work after a busy week? Daniel Craig is here to help, by reminding you every single Friday that the weekend is here.

There you go! Unproblematic, wholesome and cute. They’re what the world needs.

Header image via Twitter/wholesomememes 

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