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10th May 2022

A peek inside Leo Varadkar’s fridge (and not a battenburg in sight)

Fiona Frawley

inside of a fridge showing multiple lunchboxes stacked on top of each other

“Can we go out for lunchboxes of lettuce and plain yogurt?”

“No, we’ve got lunchboxes of lettuce and plain yogurt at home”.

It should come as a shock to no one that Leo Varadkar has meals prepped until well into 2024, as he revealed with a snap of the inside of his fridge on Instagram recently.

Remember the old school episodes of MTV Cribs when celebs would open their spaceship-sized refrigerators to reveal immaculately organised, never ending supplies of poptarts, sodas and cookie dough? Well, imagine the exact opposite of that.

This peep inside the Tánaiste’s fridge has taught us many things – first of all, why there’s always a shortage of lunchboxes at IKEA. Secondly, Leo likes to write messages in crayon to stick up on the fridge door, as we can see from the Crayola box sitting on top. Finally, he’s got enough ham to feed a small village, and a block of cheese we’re hoping he slices up more generously than his birthday battenburg. For everyone’s sake.

I won’t attempt to guess what the brownish green contents of the bowl on the middle shelf are. It’s giving strong gruel vibes, but who can say for sure.

Header image via Instagram/leovaradkar

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