Americans Have Joined In On The Great 'Barry's Or Lyons' Debate And It's Hilarious

By Sarah

March 2, 2017 at 10:24am


Just when you thought America couldn't get any more divided, it's happened.

They've discovered Irish tea and have emerged themselves in the legendary Barry's or Lyons debate that has torn families apart across our nation for years - and it's absolutely gas.

It all started when blogger Jason Weisberger left a stunning review of Barry's tea on popular US website, Boing Boing

He wrote an ode to his golden leaf blend of choice, saying: "When Nietzche suggested staring into the abyss, he meant an over-steeped cup of Barry's Gold Blend.

Barry's Gold Blend is my tea of choice. Ever since I first tried it, I've been hooked. Barry's is a black tea that can really only be described as "none more black." When combined with hot water it pretty instantly steeps."

Jason even went so far as to kindly relay his tea making wisdom, with his advice that: "Leaving Barry's with the bag in for too long is rumored to summon a forth a tea golem from your cup. Seriously, bad and weird things happen when you over steep this tea." Fair.

This is when other people hopped onto his tea-wagon, flooding his post with replies of whether Barry's or Lyons is the true champion.

Some people had, eh, interesting reasons as to why they were brand loyal...

People stuck up for their tea rights.

One person took things TOO FAR.

Blasphemy was uttered - decaf tea?! Absolutely not. And as for Irish food being bland?? Sir you're mistaken and no longer welcome in my grandmother's home.

Of course,the tea debate evolved into another equally important one:

The big question. The one that keeps us up all night.

Which biscuits are best for dunking?!

The war rages on, both sides pour their golden liquids, each as precious as eachother. 

We don't think people will ever agree on this. Which side are you on?

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