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31st Jan 2020

Amy Huberman shares pic of “most Irish moment” she’s ever had

Sarah Finnan

Mary McAleese and Amy Huberman

The two best friends that anyone could ever have. Where do we sign up to make it a trio?

Amy Huberman has let us in on a little secret, revealing to fans the “most Irish moment” she’s ever had.

Posting a picture of that exact moment to Instagram, the photo shows Amy sitting beside former President of Ireland Mary McAleese.

The caption reads:

“Most Irish moment I’ve ever had; sitting in the back of a car in a field in the lashing rain eating sandwiches and Tayto with former president of Ireland Mary McAleese.

I’d met Mary a few times during the six nations when yer man was the artist formerly known as No 13 and I always loved my chats with her.

She is so smart, funny, kind and charming and when she asked me to go for a walk and a chat about life up a mountain with her, I said sure listen Mary I’d be honoured! We will absolutely do that! She even brought crisps.”

Filmed as part of the TV programme All Walks Of Life for RTE, Amy chatted to Mary about her career thus far as they hike along St Kevin’s Way in the Wicklow Mountains.

Speaking candidly about the highs and lows of life, Amy opens up about everything from past jobs to family struggles the unpredictability of being an actress.

Other famous faces to appear on the show include Dr Sindy Joyce and Joe Canning, amongst others.

All Walks Of Life with Amy Huberman airs this evening at 8:30pm on RTE One.

(Header image courtesy of @amy_huberman)

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