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08th Feb 2018

An Official Complaint Was Made About “Racism” Towards Gingers On Bridget & Eamon


The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland received a complaint about “racism” towards redheads on RTE show Bridget & Eamon

The complaint was made about an episode which aired on September 19 last year. 

In the offending scene, Bridget’s mother is heard telling Eamon to go upstairs “with the lights off so I can’t tell that you’re ginger”. 

According to the summary provided by the BAI, the complainant alleges that the comment was “racist and demonstrates discrimination and prejudice against people with different hair colour”. 

“The complainant believes this type of content promotes the bullying and alienation of people with red hair,” it continues. 

The complaint was unanimously rejected by the BAI, the Irish Mirror reports. 

 “The Forum noted that people with red hair are not considered a separate ‘race’ or group in society that would require the protections of this principle in the Code [BAI Code of Broadcasting Standards],” the watchdog said. 

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