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15th Aug 2022

Applications for the Late Late Toy Show 2022 are officially open

Katy Thornton

late toy show 2022

Cue “But it’s only August” comments….

While I agree it’s maybe a wee bit early to be discussing Christmas (sure Halloween hasn’t even happened yet), these things take months to plan. And the Late Late Toy Show 2022 is no exception. Host Ryan Tubridy officially announced today that applications are open for this year’s show, so ready or not, if Little Billy or Little Susie are looking for a spot on the show, now’s the time to shine.

Tubridy was joined by 12 year old DJ Calum Kieran to discuss this year’s Toy Show on RTÉ Radio 1 this morning. The host said this of the impending show:

We are going to go large this year. I had a great chat about it last week, and it’s going to be very, very special indeed.”

DJ Calum also gave some sound advice to those wishing to apply. According to RTÉ News, he said:

Just be yourself. Take your time. Have fun. And practice and make sure your video is ok! Even just a half an hour, fifteen minutes a day – that’s all it takes.”

And given his performance last year, he ought to know. Following his success on last year’s show, DJ Calum has been inundated with shows, performing at communions, confirmations, and even weddings.

This Late Late Toy Show 2022 will take place on Friday 25th November. You can complete the application HERE.

Header image via Instagram/latelaterte

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