Donegal woman grows sunflower field in honour of late family

By Katy Thornton

August 15, 2022 at 11:58am


Geraldine Mullan began her "Field of Hope" to remember her family.


Two years ago, Geraldine Mullan tragically lost her husband and two children when their car went off the road and into Lough Foyle. The tragedy inspired Mullan to create something to remember her family by; a sunflower field in Donegal. According to RTÉ News, a local farmer donated 2.5 acres of land, previously used to grow potatoes and barley, for Mullan's homage. Now instead of crops, thousands of sunflowers stand, which were Mullan's daughter Amelia's favourite flowers.

The "Field of Hope" is just a few hundred metres away from where Mullan's family died. You can find the sunflower field on the Inishowen Peninsula at Quigley's Point, between Derry and Moville.

Mullan says this of her sunflower tribute:

"I look for a little bit of hope each and every day, so for me this is the field of hope."


Friends and family helped Mullan to carve out a path amongst the sunflowers that spells "Hope".

What perhaps makes the field even more special is that seeds were planted from a sunflower that Amelia herself grew before her untimely death. Mullan's son Tomás also helped to grow sunflowers before the accident.

Members of the public will be able to visit the Donegal sunflower field from next weekend.

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