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28th Apr 2020

Beat The Chasers – Last night’s first episode was a roaring success

James Fenton

Beat The Chasers made its debut on Irish TV last night and judging by the public reaction, the first episode of quiz show spin-off was a roaring success.

Virgin Media brought Beat The Chasers to Irish audiences last night and while it took a couple of goes for people to get used to the format, by the end it seemed like everyone was on board.

If you missed it and you aren’t up to date with the rules, the new version basically takes the numerical advantage away from the contestants and gives it to the chasers. Contestants answer up to five multiple-choice questions in the cash builder round in a bid to reach £5,000 before they are faced with a decision that will make or break their chances of going home with some money.

They must then choose whether to take on just two chasers for the amount they have won in the cash builder or face more chasers for increasing sums of money – one contestant last night was offered the chance to take on all five for a prize of £100,000.

Also, the more money they go for, the more time the chasers have to hunt them down. If that’s all still a bit confusing, you can see how the first ever Beat The Chasers contestant got on in the video below…

After taking some time to get used to the format, people on Twitter seemed to like what they were seeing…

Last night’s edition ended on a cliffhanger, with former contestant Sally about to face all five chasers before the show ran out of time. You can see how she gets on tonight when Beat The Chasers returns to Virgin Media One at 9pm. We’re already hooked.

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