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23rd Feb 2020

‘Irish Celebs Doing Things’ is a treasure trove of hilarious content and you NEED to follow

Sarah Finnan

Irish Celebs Doing Things Instagram account

The internet is a wild and wonderful place and sometimes you stumble upon something so great that you ponder how you ever got by without it. This is one of those times.

There’s loads of talk nowadays about filling your social media only with things that make you smile. Well, the Instagram account Irish Celebs Doing Things leaves me positively beaming. One of my absolute favourite online profiles, it’s so Irish it hurts.

Serving up the celebrity content we need and want, it’s the captions that truly make it. Run by journalist Amy O’Connor, her witty humour is bang on.

Here are a few (personally deemed) highlights from the page.

First off, this absolute classic. Who knew his first name wasn’t Mattress?

Next up this clip from Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

As an avid Friends fan, I’m fairly disappointed that this took them so much deliberation. Gay Byrne telling Daniel O’Donnell to stop kicking the furniture is a standout moment.

Rediscovering healthy foods? Familiar territory, especially post-Christmas. We’ve all been there… some of us are still there, others will return there in the not so distant future. Don’t worry, you’re amongst friends here.

This one really resonated with me. A sheet mask fixes everything.

Another favourite. Again, relatable on so many levels…though a little too close to home.

Though the account mostly posts throwbacks, when a viral challenge started by Dolly Parton herself crops up how could they not jump on the bandwagon too?

I so look forward to this cropping up every year, lest we forget the humble beginnings of Niall Horan’s Twitter career.

You can’t get more Irish than this really. Also very apt considering Pancake Tuesday is this week (eep!).

And just to prove that Irish Celebs Doing Things serves up only the most wholesome of content, I’ll leave you with this clip of the nation’s sweetheart Louis Walsh. A true gem.

Pure comedy gold.

(Header image courtesy of @irishcelebsdoingthings)

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