Brendan Gleeson's SNL monologue gave strong Irish wedding speech vibes

By Fiona Frawley

October 10, 2022 at 1:08pm


I think we've all sat through a similar uncles speech.

And Colin Farrell is your cousin who's done great things for himself beyond in America and is raging no one's asked him to get up and say a few words, even though he and the groom haven't spoken since the county final back in 2006.

You may have seen Brendan Gleeson trending on Friday, after a promo for Saturday Night Live revealed his hidden truth - that he was a sk8er boi, you said see ya later boy, he wasn't good enough for you.

Incase you missed it:

Sadly, there were no more ollies and flips during the monologue. In a twist that no one saw coming, he actually whipped out a mandolin. It was a bit like an acting cv come to life, without the promise of being a skilled horseback rider and fluent in 5 languages.


After a few warmly received dad jokes about his lovely auntie Nell and the rest of his family (crucial during any wedding speech), out marched Colin Farrell in a novelty moustache to ask Brendan who his favourite co-star was.

Gleeson divulged that his favourite was Paddington Bear (a bit like the wedding speech giver announcing that they've always loved Caoimhe - when Caoimhe's not the bride. She's the grooms ex from seven years ago).

All in all, a lovely speech from one of Ireland's favourite dads. It's no Saoirse Ronan on a fake Aer Lingus flight, now, but still good.

Header image via Twitter/snl


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