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10th Oct 2022

Jimmy Carr’s father is suing his son for ‘offensive’ comments about Limerick in his book

Katy Thornton

jimmy carr's limerick father

“I don’t want somebody writing that about Limerick in a book.”

Jimmy Carr’s father, who is also called Jim, is suing his son for what he said in his 2021 book Before & Laughter. He took umbrage with comments Carr made on where his parents were from. Carr wrote in his book: “I’m the son of two immigrants from Limerick who moved to Slough (they moved from a shit town to another shit town, I guess they knew what they liked).”

This didn’t sit well with Carr’s father. According to The Independent,

Jim told Limerick Leader at the time that his son had “crossed the line”, and found the comments to be so “derogatory” and “offensive”, he called on the Limerick mayor to revoke an honour awarded in 2013.”

Carr had been awarded an Irish heritage award, which “hailed “descendants of previous generations of Irish citizens in an official way”.” Jim is now suing, saying, “I don’t want somebody writing that about Limerick in a book.”

Jim previously won a €13k settlement over comments his son made to the Sunday Telegraph about him.

There’s no love lost between the father and son; the Irish Mirror reports that Carr hasn’t spoken to his father in 21 years and claims that he is “dead” to him.

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