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21st Oct 2018

PIC: An X-Rated And Unwanted Pic Of Conor McGregor Could Be On The Way

Darragh Berry

If you were scrolling through Instagram a couple of days ago, you’ll have noticed one of McGregor’s pictures practically poking at you from the screen.

He posed for a picture in red Calvin Klein boxers and the man must have been awful excited to take the photo.

It was noticed all over the world and it hasn’t been the first time that little Conor has cropped up to say hello.

You’ll remember that the fighter’s crotch was one of the main talking points when he took to the weigh-in when he was about to face Floyd Mayweather…

That picture was taking after McGregor had a “great swim in the beautiful Irish Sea with the team.”

Now, Conor is back in the USA and was plagued by reporters about the snap. According to The Irish Sun, he laughed it off saying that: “I’m a big Irishman, aren’t I!”

Someone followed up by asking if the photo was real to which the fighter started laughing and said there was no tricks or photoshop behind it.

Then, an interviewer asked “When are you going to do a dick pic?” to which McGregor just smiled and winked.

We don’t think our Instagrams could take this but the champ-champ is so confident about himself, it’s quite a possibility that the thought is now in his brain.

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