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14th Feb 2022

Don’t adjust your screens – that really is Dermot Bannon on Blind Date

Fiona Frawley

A young Dermot Bannon on Blind Date in the 90s

Curtain bangs and all. I guess he really did always have an eye for interiors.

On the off chance that you weren’t in watching the Late Late on Friday, we’ve got something very important you need to see.

Dermot Bannon shooting the breeze with Ryan isn’t exactly a groundbreaking event – he’s been on plenty of times to show off his newest blazer or convince us all of the healing powers of an open plan living space. On an unrelated note, thoughts and prayers with all those who lived through lockdown in a Bannon-esque style open plan home. I’d say walls don’t seem so unappealing now.

Anyway, we’re here to share something far more important. Here, in all his glory, is 90s Dermot Bannon crashing and burning on Blind Date.

Never one to shy away from a cheeky bit of man-splaining, Dermot grandiosely asks blind dater Jenny – “Do you want a bit of inside information?” before whipping out an ugly duckling pun to end all ugly duckling puns. She just about escaped without being talked into a polished concrete floor.

Spoiler alert – Jenny did not succumb to DB’s charm. He laments:

The state of me. It was like Love Island with a cardigan. 

Which, to be fair, I think is extremely high praise.

Header image via Instagram/latelaterte

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