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14th Feb 2022

Valentine’s Day, do we love it or hate it?

Katy Thornton

A controversial topic, we know. While some live for the holiday, others cannot stand it.

Our opinions of Valentine’s Day can often change depending on our circumstances. I’ve been firmly in both camps before; the camp that absolutely melts over the sweet cards, and the camp that absolutely dreads the day with an ungodly passion and cringes at people’s social media PDA. Who actively pulls a face at couples holding hands, and sucking face in public (Valentine’s Day or not, don’t do that).

Sure, did I say one year I didn’t want to celebrate it, and didn’t want a present, and then get irrationally upset when my partner did something crazy like listen to what I’d said? Yes. Have I also been that person who got flowers and presents and plastered them all over my Instagram story? Yes. As I’ve grown up, my mind has changed on Valentine’s Day considerably. I have seen it from all angles, sour, single, taken, happy, indifferent.

This year, I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m a card kind of gal; if I get a nice card, I’ll be delighted, and consider the holiday a success. I have dinner plans, at a restaurant I know I like, so there’ll be no disappointments there. And most importantly I’ll get to spend it with the person I love. Anything beyond that is unnecessary in my mind.

I get it when people give out that it’s a Hallmark holiday and can’t we just show our love and appreciation all year round. However, I think what people are missing is that, as a species, we don’t. We don’t spend every day telling each other how much we love one another, or shower them with gifts or affection (nor should we, it’s expensive and just plain weird). Instead we have specific days to remember to do these things, and what’s wrong with that?

Final Thoughts

So while there are certainly things to hate about Valentine’s Day (PDA and social media dedications are just two of them), overall I’d have to say I love it. Like Hugh Grant in Love Actually, sometimes it’s nice to take a good look around and see that “love actually is all around”. Love for our friends, our families, our work, our hobbies, the fictional characters who fill our minds, our partners, our pets. Make Valentine’s Day be what you want out of it. If you’re missing out on a card, send it on to someone you love instead. Check in with people who may be struggling. And remember, if you do just hate it with a passion, it’s one day, and it’ll be over soon.

And if you love the day, don’t feel embarrassed about that. I’ve accepted a non cynical ambivalence to Valentine’s, but am I excited for my miso soup and norimaki later? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t.

However you’re spending Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s filled with love, even if that love comes from ripping the piss out of it.

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